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Manufacturing Process Automation Application


Custom ERP

The Manufacturing Process Automation Solution comes with a custom ERP for Quotation, invoicing and budgeting for your sales team.

IoT Sensor Integrated

We integrate IoT sensors into your manufacturing processes to ensure all manufacturing parameters are always within limits. This enables you to maintain the desired quality level and monitor your manufacturing remotely.

Detailed Reports

This application provides you with detailed reports including manufacturing floor performance report, quality reports, inventory and stock status, sales reports and sales forecasting.

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Unleash the true productivity of your production line using our advanced software which enables you to increase your manufacturing capabilities while maintaining your desired level of quality.

Features of our Manufacturing Process Solution


Manufacturing Process Automation with IoT Sensors
Custom ERP for Quotation, Inventory and Invoicing
Automatic Stock and Inventory Mangement
Manufacturing Floor Performance Report
Process Quality Control
Inventory, Manufacturing Process, and TAT Analysis

Our Manufacturing Solution is ideal for all manufacturing companies - big or small

Manufacturing processes are complex and dependent on numerous parameters for ideal quality. With our software, stay on top of your production line and increase your production capabilities manifold.

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